Caring for your teeth is important for both your oral and physical health. Proper teeth maintenance not only provides you with a smile you can be confident in, but it also minimizes the risk of long-term health issues.

For individuals in Groveport, Ohio, getting a dental exam is a critical component of preventive health care. At Walnut Creek Dental East, we are dedicated to providing quality dental care for our patients. Today, we are going to provide answers to FAQs regarding dental exams and why getting a routine dental exam is a must. 

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Why do I need a dental exam?

A dental exam is an important aspect of preventative care. Getting routine oral exams minimizes the risk of things like cavities and gum disease. In addition, a dental exam will help individuals improve their overall oral and physical health.

Routine dental exams are also important because it allows your dentist to monitor any changes to your oral health and provide a proactive solution before there is an issue. While it might be easy to put off your dental examinations, your teeth and mouth will thank you later.


What happens in a dental exam?

The dentist at Walnut Creek will use this time to examine your teeth and surrounding areas. This is done by using special tools that will help them get an overview of the current health of your teeth, mouth, and throat.

Ultimately, a dental examination will include a thorough inspection of your mouth, tongue, and teeth to check for potential issues. Depending on the findings, your dentist might order a dental x-ray to spot areas of decay or other issues that might not be noticeable. 


Is a dental cleaning the same thing as a dental exam?

With a dental cleaning, your dentist or dental hygienist will focus on cleaning your teeth to scrape plaque and tartar off of your teeth. A dental exam is geared towards examining the health of your teeth, mouth, and throat in order to identify any issues. Some issues can include:

  • Cavities
  • Gum disease
  • Tooth and root decay
  • Loose fittings
  • Check your bite and jaw problems
  • Check for stains and deposits on the teeth
  • Demonstrate proper cleaning techniques 
  • Assess the need for fluoride
  • Oral cancer

What is included in a dental check-up?

There are various things that might be involved in a dental check-up. This can include but is not limited to:

  • Teeth examination
  • Special tools and instruments used to scrape tartar and plaque off of the teeth.
  • Teeth polishing
  • X-rays (if needed)
  • Examination of gums, soft palate, throat, and neck to check for any abnormalities

How long does a dental exam take?

The time that a dental exam will take depends on the oral health of the individual. However, oral exams will take about 45 minutes on average.


How much is a dental exam?

Many individuals wonder how much a dental exam will cost. You’ll be happy to know that dental exams can be relatively affordable. Here at Walnut Creek Dental East, we are in-network with many PPO dental insurances. Our goal is to make dental care affordable and accessible to everyone. Read here to learn more. 


How often should I get my teeth examined?

Maintaining the health of your teeth is essential. For this reason, everyone should get their teeth examined on a routine basis. To gauge, it is a good idea to get your teeth examined every 6 months. 

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